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The new great division and casework at Beaver Valley Lutheran Church, recently designed, built and installed by Aadland Pipe Organ Co.

Like all Aadland Pipe Organs, this new great pipe organ division (with casework) incorporates 247 advanced stability and long term durability features and carries the longest and most inclusive warrantee in the industry.

The Aadland Pipe Organ Company

Better Quality:

  • 32 Years of Advanced Stability Development
  • 27 Years of Advanced Durability and Service Access Efficiency Development

Better Versatility and Larger Tonal Resource:

  • 25 Years of Stabilized Combination Reed Stop Research and Development

Longer and More Inclusive Warrantees:

  • Aadland Pipe Organ Co., has a thirty-five (35) year legacy of providing the longest and the most inclusive workmanship warrantees (in the industry) on all new instruments.

Lower Maintenance Costs / Greater Reliability:

  • For more than 20 years Aadland Pipe Organs have exhibited a significant reduction in both short term and long term maintenance costs (when compared to other brands of instruments), as a result of the incorporation of redundant, high stability structural designs combined with strategically engineered applications of service access efficiency formation.

was founded in Sioux Falls, SD in 1971 by Art Aadland and Established in Valley Springs, SD in 1972 by Art and Ellen Aadland

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